TheWealthySon Brand

TheWealthySon brand  was created to show and stimulate “Next Generation” Wealth. The “SON” simply represents the coming or next generation. Adam Burns strongly believes in a Third Dimensional way of life and in result of that he believes that a person can create Wealth doing the things that they enjoy doing. So he then adapted the concept of being a Fentrepreneur ( FUN-Trepreneur) one who makes/creates and asset lifestyle based around his/her hearts desires enjoying life as if everyday were a “Weekend.” Due to the economic climate more and more people are seeking entrepreneurship and taking on business ownership.  So here is where The Wealthy Son comes into play here is where this next generation of  Business Owners, Investors and philanthropist can learn to become Fentrepreneurs. Anybody who knows the CEO/Founder of TheWealthySon will tell you that Mr. Burns only does things that fits within his lifestyle and he only teaches those same concepts. He believes with the right personal development and network that everybody is just one idea away from their individual fortune. This is not a new concept there are tons of success stories from people who have created a financial dynasty from living their dreams but unfortunately most have capitalized off of things they were either good at or a trend. TheWealthySon vision is clear and it is that Fentrepreneurship will become the way of life for the majority of those who seek financial independence.

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