7 Crucial Traits of Successful Internet Marketers

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Everyone knows that I favor Internet Marketing Gurus who are down to earth regular folks who enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge. In this article Dan Brock shares what he believes to be the traits that those who are successful in Internet Marketing share.

7 Crucial Traits of Successful Internet Marketers

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Hi guys! The ol’ Deadbeat Super Affiliate here!

So I’ve been studying a lot of successful internet marketers, and I noticed that there are some crucial traits that many of them have. These are what I believe to be the most important qualities to having success online

1) No fear of failure – The difference between a successful marketer and a unsuccessful marketer is not letting fear get in your way. I know this sounds hooky, so let me explain.

From all of the emails I have received from my students, I have noticed that fear stops a lot of people from progressing and putting in full conviction into what they are doing. For example, one email the other day said: ‘I got to the niche selection part of your course, but I was afraid that I would pick the wrong niche so I am stuck now…

You cannot have this mindset. Who cares if your first site, your first product, or your first promotion doesnt work. Everything you do is a learning experience. If it doesn’t work out the first time, just keep working on it until you do. My first 3 affiliate sites failed miserably… but had I have given up after the first, second, or even third failure, I would not be where I am today.

2) Spending time analyzing the competition

A lot of successful players in IM spend a lot of effort into breaking down why a certain site or product is successful. This information is pure gold. Take a look at successful sites and try and figure out why they are successful. Dig around, figure out where they get their traffic from, what their ads and banners say, how they handle their sales funnels, their mailing list follow up sequences. Everything.

3) Offloading work load

This is crucial. You need to figure out the least profitable aspects of your business and hire someone else to do them for you. If you spend all your time working on the small fish, you never have the opportunity to go after the big ones. An example of this is article writing. A lot of folks get trapped up into writing articles are day. Unless you are getting paid hundreds of dollars per article you write, you will never make a lot of money if you spend all your time on a low profit activity like article writing. Sure, you may eventually be able to reach the $10,000/m mark with it, but that’s it.

4) Speed of implementation

If you have a good idea, get it rolled out immediately. This is another very important trait that successful IMers share. I see a lot of guys spending 6 months, a year, or even 2 years working on a product to perfection. This is a major mistake. Get a light version out there first so you can test whatever you are doing actually works. How bad would it suck if you spent 2 years working on a software only to find out no one even wanted it…

5) Willingness to go out of your comfort zone

This is another important trait. There’s going to be times when you won’t be comfortable doing certain things in your business. One thing that I remember that around this time last year I was petrified to make a screen capture video. I bit the bullet and did it anyway, and had I not, I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful. Another example was doing a webinar. Earlier last month, I did a webinar and made over $60,000 in profit. Even though I was nervous, scared, and anxious, I went through with the webinar! It actually turned out to be a lot of fun too!

Anyway, lesson learned is that every time you go out of your comfort zone, you ‘level up’ your skills. Eventually I hope to do some stage speaking, which will of course take my business to the next level.

6) Investing in your business, not your life style.

I see a lot of internet people get trapped into their lifestyles. They make a lot of money, and start spending it on expensive cars, excursions, houses, etc. They become trapped into their things, and end up having to slave at their business. Instead of wasting your money on these meaningless things, it’s best to invest in your business instead. I know this is common sense, but it’s a lot harder to do when you are in that situation. This even happened to me. When I was younger, I had a really sweet web hosting business that made me somewhere around $25,000/m. I bought stupid stuff like a Porsche that only sucked money out of my bank account. Had I invested that into my business instead, I could have easily taken it to the $100,000/m level! Lesson learned.

7) Building relationships

This kind of goes along with the investing into your business. What I’ve discovered so far is that the relationships you build are what makes you money. That goes with customers, partners, providers, everything. The right relationship can change your life. Work on this whenever possible.

So there you have it!

What other traits are crucial to the success of an internet entrepreneur? Comment below, let me know your thoughts!


Dan Brock (the deadbeat super affiliate)

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