A Better Served You Allows You To Serve Others Better part1

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A Better Served You Allows You To Serve Others Better part1

*Note this was an unedited post forgive me and follow my thought

Okay I am back!

On yesterday I told you that I had to make four dramatic adjustments to my life that without them no matter what I do I would still be considered unbalanced.

I already told you the first one

“So the first of my four major adjustments was to get up at 7am two hours earlier which is a big deal for me but not a bigger deal then me hitting my goals.

So guess what? I will just have to suck it up and deal with it.”

Now onto major adjustment number two.


About this time last year I took on an insane crazy eating plan that with the help of exercise I lost over 35lbs.

The unfortunate thing is that because I had junked my body for so long my body went into shock and withdrawal and made me sick and my doctor instructed me to no longer stay on that plan. Oh well I gained 15 of the pounds back and stopped working out because I took a break because of the holidays.

What I learned here was that if you don’t have consistent behaviors and activities for things you really don’t enjoy doing more than likely you will stop doing them.

So what I decided to do this time around was not give myself room to take a break no matter if I am on vacation or it’s the holidays. Why would I allow an event to dominate my results? You must change your mind set about doing things that you don’t enjoy doing. It is a crime when you don’t. Have you ever heard someone say they were having a “Cheat Day?” Unfortunately I use to call it that too and then I thought about the consequences.

Let me help you understand.

If you spend 364 days of legal living and you go out on a robbing spree for just one day. You will reap the harvest of a lifelong criminal if you get caught.

Sad I know.

So that’s why I decided no more diets.

That’s right no more temporary fixes.

From now on I only make lifestyle changes.

So far I have shared 2 of my lifestyle changes #1 being an early riser and #2 working out daily.

So let’s move on to the third major lifestyle adjustment.

I am almost more ashamed to tell you about these next too because it is quite embarrassing and shameful.

But I am a new creation and old things have passed away.

If you don’t know already I am a full time entrepreneur. One of the reasons that I said initially that I wanted to leave corporate was to spend more time with my amazing wife and son.

Unfortunately for me while saying that sounded good I never made that priority.

So that is my #3 big lifestyle adjustment; prioritizing time for my wife and son.

I can’t believe how much time I have wasted over the last 3 years. While I was out fighting for our dreams I stopped taking time to invest dreaming and living with them.

It’s a sad day when you go to dinner with your spouse you enjoy a great meal but can’t figure out for the life of you how to have good conversation with them. I can go all day about this but I won’t you can buy the book when it is released in 2013.

But it really is a sad affair when that very person who you say you love so much and would give or do anything for grows  and changes into a different person and it go unnoticed and you sleep less than a foot away from each other every night. When you do decide to hang out the cell phones are going off, the laptops are open the TV is buzzing and you close it out with a fight due to lack of communication.

Well I submit to you my friends you only have the right to reap from what you sow into.

So I have decided to do just that with my beautiful wife weekly without distractions so that I can really get to know her and her to know me on a level that goes beyond just being in the same room.

8 to The Job 8 to Sleep and 8 more that you can fight for.

The same thing for my son no longer will I allow life to get in the way of me spending quality time with him and installing the morals and values that I want him to obtain and carry.

I wonder how your children turn out when you let television and video games raise them because you are so busy. Whoever dominates the time wins! Remember that win you say you don’t have time to spend with your kids they will be greater influenced by the very thing that dominates there time. If all they do is watch TV and play video games then they will spas out like a crazy person when you interrupt them from it. You taking time to balance you will in turn balance them if they you include them in your balance.

Let me get to the fourth one now and I’ll do a continuation post for the schedule.

So my fourth major adjustment was having dominion over technology.

While technology has blessed my life it has also impaired me because I haven’t had control over it.

Too much access can cripple you. I have a heart for people and I have let that control my hours of access. My voicemail box never got full because I answered the phone every time it rang whether I was busy or not. I mean someone could call and say Adam I have a real quick question for you and that could turn into an hour or two dialogue. I would practically live on Facebook. Checking my email 50 times a day.

My problem was letting other peoples emergencies become my own.

I love to serve others!

Well guess what while I was busy tending to everybody else my life was unbalanced?

Isn’t it funny that the best advice you have reserved for somebody else?

So now even though it has presented itself as challenging I don’t answer my phone when something else is supposed to have my attention, Facebook has its place but it a low percentage priority on the totem pole, my email may get checked 4 to 5 times a day versus 50. When I do talk on the phone I establish initially how much time I have to talk and my television has no priority or scheduled time so I will watch little to none of it. I no longer sleep with it on, which my wife surely appreciates.

So I hoped my major adjustments will encourage you to evaluate yours.

I’ll end it here until tomorrow.

Success is a planned event get some guts, a coach, a strategy and get laser focused.

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