Covering Up the Loser in You

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Covering Up the Loser in You

*Warning this is not a post for wussies, easily moved people, emotional junkies or stagnant punks who continue to make our industry look bad despite having access to countless resources to make you a professional. In this post You may identify with the examples and if you do great keep reading and don’t get angry with me (So what if you do) get off your butt and get to work to make the necessary changes.

Hang in there throughout this post and I guarantee even some of you veteran networkers will come out sharper. I guarantee it or your money back! (I should have charged you for this)

In today’s time I am seeing more and more Network Marketers flock to the internet.

Unfortunately they are not deciding to get on line for the right reasons.

To be frank most are running away from their short cummings offline thinking that online will be easier.

I have observed more and more network marketers sending out generic pitches more than ever before.

When I sit and think about it when I first started online I did the exact same thing.

I had no idea that slowly but surely I was becoming “That Guy.”

That Guy is the person who waste 20-30 hours a week spamming people about and opportunity that they could care less about. That Guy is also a person who gets so desperate to sign someone up that they check there Facebook inbox every five minutes hoping and praying that someone will respond to what you perceive as the greatest blind pitch ever.  Smiling in anticipation when they see that number 1 over the envelope only to see that it’s somebody trying to get you to look at their opportunity or to tell you how they use to be a part of that company until I found this “Latest Greatest Ground Floor Hot Money Making Machine of an Opportunity” with a 9 x15 matrix that pays out $0.03 to infinity on the 10th level.

I kid in saying that but I am so serious at the same time.

What a loser!

Why do people do this?

It’s actually quite simple lack of training, laziness, desperation, fear of networking, fear of rejection, burnt out from lack of results or all the above.

“THE PERFECT BLIND OPPORTUNITY PITCH” does Not Exist and there is no such thing as a gold mine group on Facebook that when you spam people they will sign up with you just “like that?”

Realization- Nobody cares about how great your company is, how its ground floor, the new and innovative comp plan that blowing the roof everybody else’s or the fact that you have this product that does this, that and flies without wings.

Believe it or not people are interested in being lead and they want to be confident that the person they choose as their leader can help them win and get them recognized(monetarily or publicly) and some just want to be a part of something that is inspiring, momentous and fun.

Most network marketers suck so bad at marketing that they don’t realize how bad there pitch is even when they are called out on it.

Think about commercials on television whether they are advertising something that cost or a free service they focus on grabbing your attention and once they have it they spend the bulk of the time communicating several messages to find a stimulant in you that you will see as valuable.

Exercise – Turn on the programming machine (TV)  Watch 20 commercials and track how many of them say either the word you or your, imply that you are already a customer, show you or tell you how they are benefiting so many others right now.

The Key here is Value and what’s in it for them. (Period)

If that is not your message you are a spammer.

This is not giving you a license to spam people how valuable you are or all the benefits of working with you or your company.

Keep in mind these companies have all spent a ton of money to earn time to present their product or service to you through TV and radio.

So you either need to pay for the right to market or socially engage yourself to be invited to market your message of value and benefit with sole focus being the person(s) that you are marketing too.

Okay I have to go it’s time for my daily sales and marketing training.

Quick Facts about Online Marketing or Internet Network Marketing:

It takes freaking work even if the Guru is so good at it that they make it look easy.

You still have to talk to people.

People will still say no.

People are way meaner than in person because they can hide behind there little monitors and keyboards.

You still will pick up the phone.

You will pay in time or money or both

Using the internet will put your business on autopilot no but it can systemize some of the actions and qualifying prospects.

Paid Traffic is typically better than free traffic

Speed comes from proper spending.

Final Thought – Internet Network Marketing is not for the weak or lazy. You must become the person who others want to follow. To become a professional in this industry is about mastering Networking and Learning how to market. This should and may cost you money to learn.

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Success is a planned event get some guts, a coach, a strategy and get laser focused.

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