Google reinvented?

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Remember the life BEFORE Google Slap (ya know.. that thing Google did back in 2008 which essentially kicked off ALL of us marketers marketing our home business opportunities on Google AdWords).

Prior to Google Slap, making money was, dare I say, “simple”. You found a money making vehicle (affiliate marketing product, your own self funded proposal, any converting sales funnel/offer) and you drove a TON of Google AdWords traffic to it and…

VOILA! Leads and money came pouring in.

People took full advantage of Google AdWords because it was easy to understand, simple to use , and most importantly, because there was a TON of traffic!

But then Google Slap happened and we all had to kiss those golden days goodbye. Since then most marketers struggled to replace this traffic behemoth that was Google AdWords but to no avail. Marketers saw their traffic plummet, their lead flow dry up, their profit drop to zero, and some even had to close shop :(

Well, if you are one of those marketers who’ve been struggling… or even if you never knew the “good ol’ days” but just would love to experience that same AWESOMENESS that was “prior Google Slap” where traffic was simple, abundant, and endless, then you have to hear the keynote message by Ray & Ferny gave on stage just a few weeks ago in Dallas, Texas?

Why? Simple. Because they spent the last 14 months recreating the “heydays of pre-Google Slap” when traffic, leads, and profit were SIMPLE… when marketers can advertise freely again and see the traffic, leads, and profit come pouring in.

Hear this message carefully because this WILL shake the very foundation of what we know as “online traffic” in 2013 and beyond.
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