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I hate to sound “old” but I still remember the good ol’ days of 2008 when generating online traffic, getting leads, and making money online was so much easier than it is today – SO much easier.

Beginners and veterans alike, were hopping online and making a killing. I mean don’t get me wrong, there was still a learning curve involved but nothing like how intense, confusing, and overwhelming it is today.

See today… new marketers are overwhelmed and distracted by all the new technology, gizmos, and “strategies” that are available. They are taught to think they need it ALL and that they need to DO IT ALL.

Automated webinars. SMS. QR codes. Video marketing. Personal branding. Copywriting. Upsells. Downsells. Video sales letters. Social media. Merchant accounts.

The overwhelming check-list of “stuff” marketers need to now today goes on and on and on…

It wasn’t always like this. Back in the golden days (2008 and prior), life on the internet was much simpler. Things were more straightforward and there was no sense of confusion and overwhelm.

People were making money hand over fist – beginners and veterans alike. And boy what I’d do to turn back the clock to those simpler days… Well, Ray & Ferny have done exactly that.

They revealed on stage recently in Dallas, Texas what they’ve been secretly up to the last 14 months and how they are turning back the times for our industry so that we CAN go back to the good ol’ simple days of making money online.

And I want you to hear their message, loud and clear, because trust me, your online financial future WILL be affected by this.

There’s nothing to buy (yet)… just a clear and poignant message that is telling our industry to “stop the noise” and let’s TURN BACK THE CLOCK to make some serious cash online, SIMPLE.


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