Internet Marketing Jack of All Trades and Master of Nothing Sucks

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Internet Marketing Jack of All Trades and Master of Nothing Sucks

image from Matthew Stumphy

Do you ever find yourself running around like a crazy person trying to “master it all?”

Branding. Social media. Copywriting. Sales funnel. Upsell/downsell. Mobile apps. QR codes. Automated webinar. Video marketing. The list goes on and on.

If your answer is, “Yes, I am driving myself CRAZY trying to master it all… and I haven’t made a SINGLE DIME yet!” then you are just like the other 97%.

Don’t get me wrong, ALL those skills are valuable and for you to truly hit the top tier of the earners in the industry you do want to master them all at some point (heck, I am still trying to master them all). But that doesn’t mean you have to wait till you master them all (which can easily take 6~18+, if you are good) to make money online.

As a matter of fact, many top earners/leaders got their start in the industry by doing the exact opposite… choosing “SIMPLICTY.”

And in this presentation, Ray & Ferny prove this (it has to do with the infamous Facebook poll we took of other top earners/leaders).

Check out what they and other leaders did to get started online…

And it’s no coincidence that they and the other leaders, have been around for years. If you have ever felt overwhelmed and think you have the “shiny object syndrome…” this is your cure:

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