Matters of the Heart- I always WIN…..I Think?

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I always WIN…..I Think?

Have you ever been at a cornerstone in life feeling like you have exhausted all known options to accomplish a task or goal?

Funny Thing is you may have even struggled doing something that you have always done seemingly without effort.
Don’t worry you are not by yourself.
Most of us have developed a skill or talent and have been accustomed to using it to have success and then we hit a wall.
Kind of like somebody turned a switch off and we are just going through the motions not having much success in the very things that we thought we mastered.
I really don’t even know how to begin to put into words how we get there.
All I know is once we get here we try any and everything in our power to bounce back but to no avail we still suck as if we never have accomplished this task.
But wait a minute maybe there is something that we haven’t tried yet.
Just maybe the solution to our problem lies in our very core.
You see what I am getting ready to share with you will help you master bouncing back, reduce mental blockage when starting a new venture, accomplish goals that you never before thought was obtainable based off your past experience and flip the switch from zero to hero almost instantly.
I have good news for you my friend. Are you Ready?
The Good News is you aren’t losing your touch and your problem probably Isn’t something that some super ancient guru secret can fix.
This my friend and not to sound cliché is a matter of the HEART.
You probably have tried to make a shift and get emotionally charged only to be disappointed after the emotional charge has worn off and this time when you fail you fail worse than before your new high.
So now you prepare yourself to throw in the towel and right before you do so I dive on the floor and grab the towel right before its very edges hit the canvas saving you from making one of the biggest mistake of your life. Quitting while there is still one round left.
Who knows maybe your one punch away from a 10 count knockdown. So listen up champ we are going down swinging and you already know that if you don’t knock him out we will lose by unanimous decision.
But this is what we trained for. I believe you can knock this kid out. All you have to do is…………………
Remember that when you live on purpose and you only do things that line up with your purpose and your focus remains your purpose you always win.
Not so fast….
I am going to prove this to you in an article I did: Shifting your thinking from short term to thinking as you were created.
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