My Story

Do you want more out of life?
………………………Well I have to say that I said yes to this question a while back my self. At the time I was flat broke and just wanted a way out. I wanted a simple system that would allow me with my busy schedule to have the flexibility to make some money. I just wanted a few extra bucks to pay the bills and after they were paid to have a little extra to spend on things that I liked.

The Dream got Bigger….

After hanging around my mentors in business my dream got bigger. I saw that it was achievable to have the time, money, homes, cars and the ability to travel the world at the drop of a dime. Who wouldn’t want that? I knew my job wouldn’t allow it. So I did what my mentors told me to do.


I am thankful to my mentors those who were voluntarily in my corner and to those who I have paid. Thats right I spend money for good advice. Doesn’t that make since? How many times have we spent money on negativity. It is vital that you get around folks who can pull you up not bring you down…..If you dont know something…get around those who do…DUH!!!! LoL….

The Promise….
When I met my wife who was just my girlfriend then I promised her the world. You know I had to sell her on me. I really wanted to afford her all the things that I told her she’d one day have. I told her that she wouldn’t have to work and we would be super rich and her only responsibility would be to take care of me and our children if we were to have any. Of course she was skeptical and didn’t believe me nor did she think that it was lifestyle that could really happen for her so she was negative toward the thought at first.

Make it true….

Unfortunately I was in the wrong opportunity to provide those things. So I switched companies and found a system that would allow these things to happen. So after Thousands of dollars spent on personal development which i dont regret spending and Three short months later I retired my wife and 30 days later we had our baby boy Adam Jr.

Your turn daddy….

So I took the first 2 months off of work and we worked as a team being mom and dad all day long. After watching him grow everyday for 2 months I didn’t want to return to work but I did. Painful!!!! So my goal now was for me to have the same time freedom as my wife and 10 months later I got it.

On to the next one!

Sounds wonderful I know but I still was not satisfied my people werent making any money, paying monthly fees with no results and ende up with products they would never use. So finally enough was enough I moved on and finally found a new home.


Yes I left the company…. It was a better deal. I wanted to be rewarded for my efforts and leadership. Nothing against my old home but the new place was just alot sexier. I mean it had a sexy product that sold its self. This meant I only had to recommend it nobody wants to have to sell all the time. The overhead was low so that meant more people could afford to build the business. Now my people were better positioned and could get rid of their monthly fees. This company had a system in place where you can do this within your few weeks in business. This would allow my team to build there business at there own pace with no pressure.

Tool Time…
Many of you know in the corporate world I was a Trainer so educational systems are important to me. I am an excellent teacher yes but I will never put a person in an opportunity ever again where there isn’t a system in place that will operate without me. That means that I would be doing all the work stunting my growth. So I had to make sure that there was one and not only was there one but it was state of the art and with the marketing tools that this company had it just has made life easier.

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Enough about the companies….

I love peace of mind and I dont like to work super hard for it.
So I have made it my business to learn all the secrets, tips and tricks to growing a business without having to be a slave to it.

Road Blocks and Struggles……..

I have had plenty. Yes I have wanted to quit, shortcut and cheap my way to success. Of course that’s not all the things that I faced but those were my biggest mistakes. The 3 above reasons give the end result of No money and No signups. At the end of the day what do you want? Money and Signups! I know right.
So I will break it down to you. If you quit your out obviously.
If you try and take shortcuts you stunt your growth and at the end of the day the shortcut could hurt you.
and The big one.You cannot cheap your way to success.

Does it take money to make money?

………………………….No,money is just ink and paper. However it does take the knowledge and system. Which can cost you a few pieces of paper with ink on it. Why do I say it like that because thats the respect I have for it I am worth more. I am the master of money not vice-versa. Take the dollar off the pedestal.
Most people miss the secret to success. The secret to success is built on the foundation principles of the Universal Laws. The Universe must obey the laws set before it.

Basically, you are what you think about. Typically if you are trying to cheap your way into success then that means you miss out on all the tools necessary to reprogram that brain of yours. You dont go to the seminars so miss out on meeting the experts and potential networking partners. You have a mindset of lack so therefor you cant reap abundance. This is no lottery folks.

I have spent tons of dollars to obtain the information that I have now. Was it worth it? absolutely…..I would pay it again if it meant that my brain would function any stronger. Please dont get me wrong this is way different from paying high prices for bad advice. I am telling you that if ink and paper can get you to have the power of I am. Then spend it spend it spend it! You were born rich its time you learn how you can capitalize on it.

So where do we go from here. How serious are you about having an opportunity that would provide you with the knowledge to be successful and the time and money that you desire? Let’s be real without action you will just be fishing from your living room. Get the bait get the rod get in the boat and go to fertile waters.

To the top!!!
Adam Burns

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