My Zeek Rewards Rant

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My Zeek Rewards Rant



I woke up this morning to a news feed full of craziness.

“Did you hear Zeek Closed their doors?”

Yes I have!

But unlike you I have been focused on my company all year. I didn’t have a certain urge to spam out my company’s presentation links to the many people in ZEEK.

I have friends who have dedicated themselves to this company how could I get excited that there time and money has been lost.

Would you normally cheer if a friends home was broken into?

Okay so I am really starting to get real annoyed with some of you. I mean really you have no idea what you are doing. It is not a good thing when a company in our industry closes their doors.

Especially when thousands have dedicated themselves to it. In your mind you may be thinking great all these folks are looking for a new home. Well that’s just part of it. There are some people who literally said “If this one doesn’t work I am done all together with the industry.” There are some people who already weren’t completely sold on the industry because of skepticism so they will create negative content not about Zeek but about mlm, direct Sales and Network Marketing. Which you may not see as a big deal however when people specifically your future prospects research our industry this is the kind of crap that they find and based off a few bitter non successful hurt former reps they decide not to get involved.

So now that I have gotten that part out let me go here. I don’t care if you like this post or not but you need to hear or should I say read this. Some of you guys are lazy leaches. That’s right I said it Lazy Leaches!

You guys are spamming your business to every zeek rewards member you can get your hands on. Well how is that working out for you so far? It probably isn’t. You know why? It’s simple these same people you never contacted until now can see right through you. DUH!

You are a bum! This is like hanging out at the club waiting for the drunkest woman to stagger out and offer to take her home so that you can sleep with here. You are trying to take advantage of vulnerable people.

Why not build relationships provide a track record worthy of following all the time so that when these things happen you don’t have to try and take advantage of people they will be hunting you down.

There have been leaders who have been predicting this for a while and they have set themselves to build relationships with folk’s way in advance and guess what they are going to sign a bunch of people up because of this.

So Just Stop It! You are making our industry look bad posting shots at ZEEK and you have never done anything in your own business and just pray on the weak.

I typically don’t rant and rave like this but frankly I am sick of you lazy weak bums. Go build your company and build relationships with people around the industry whether they are in your company or not. You will never have to take advantage of folks who are vulnerable because they will come to you to be comforted.


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