Service Time Cost Capacity Description
1. Product Development
3h $497
Learn how to create a product to sale. Learn how to market it and sell it.
2. Peak Performance Coaching
1h $147
Learn how to go from bad to good good to great and great to phenomenal.
3. Branding Consultation
1h $147
Start creating a brand that has no competition because your value stands alone.
4. Business Consultation
1h $197
Is your business at a stand still? Is your product not selling? Are you trying to get your new business started? Do you have a good idea and ready to turn it into a profit machine?
5. Free Introductory Business Consultation
15m 0
6. New Partner Interview
25m 0
This may be your chance! If you believe you have what it takes and you are ready to start running a profitable home based business opportunity lets see if you qualify to work with our team.
7. Web Site Development Training
1h $197
Learn how to create your own web pages
8. Big Idea
1h $247
Do you need a fresh idea? Do you have an Idea and need help making it a great one?
9. WordPress Blogging 101
45m $97
Learn how to host your own wordpress blog and how to post content, install plugins, themes, widgets and more
10. WordPress Mastery Course
2h $297
Learn How to turn a blog site into a money making machine. Learn How to get premium like features for free.Stand out from the crowd using custom features
11. Logo Design
Starting  @


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