I am sorry I didn’t know you did that!

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I am sorry I didn’t know you did that!

How would you like to have every true friend and family member in your business?

What if I told you that I had the secret to getting a 95% participation from this group of people?

Would you like to know more?

Of course you do!

So here’s how it works………………

They need to know what it is you do.

You see most of you have been missing out on fortunes from this group because you have been focused on signing them up versus using this volunteer army as a sales force.

You see what I have observed for the last 10 years that I have been in business that most people treat their friends and family members like prospects.

I personally believe it’s better to have this group of people work for you instead of partnering with you.

Now there are a few special circumstances when it makes since to sign up a friend or family member but I will say from my experience its best to make them your volunteer sales force.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever through conversation or on Facebook seen a friend or family member solicit a product or service that you could have offered them through your business?

What was your response?

Mine used to be a silent position where I took offense.

Well that’s the wrong position to take because one time I couldn’t resist and asked why didn’t you go through me. You know what they said?

Oh Adam I am so sorry I didn’t know you did that!

Now my initial reaction in my mind was like you are lying I know I have shown you my presentation twice how could you not. But I didn’t say that because before I could think of a more tasteful response she told me I knew you were in business but I thought you just recruited people.



How many of your friends and family members think your business is recruiting people?

Now there are some of you who have a different story.

Your family knows about your product but they don’t know what exactly you have to offer or what makes you different from all the other folks who have a similar product or service.

So you need to have a training camp for these friends and family members. You need to take the time out to educate them on your product line and all the goodies and guarantees and let them experience it for themselves for free if possible.

What do they need to know?

When they share your product or service with their network what can they say to make them buy from you? They must be convinced of this info and are not to leave your training until they absolutely know how to sale your services.

You also want to give them something tangible like marketing materials and product samples.

So that they can give out on your behalf.

The key here is to be there up line and after they make their first referral you can praise them give them a gift and share how they too can get paid from doing what they already have proven that they can do.

The sad thing is many of them just don’t believe in themselves or your ability here is your opportunity to prove to them that they can do it.


So the key here is to embed your product and its benefits and what separates you from the rest. The only reason for doing business with you can’t be because they are your friends and family that should only be an incentive to do so.

Go and Educate your friends and family today and never hear “I am sorry I didn’t know you did that!” ever again.

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