Niche Marketing Strategies:The Elements of a Top Quality Info Product

The Elements of a Top Quality Info Product

What exactly is the purpose of an informational product other than to impart information? Or, is there one? Well, yes, there is another objective. It is to impart information and do it in a way that the information is easily and quickly absorbed by the buyer of that information.

The creator of informational products should have respect for the time of the buyer of the product. Everybody gets the same number of hours in a day and each person considers their alloted share valuable. Wasting a person’s time is, in a way, disrespectful.

It isn’t written anywhere that an e-book needs to be forty or fifty pages long. That many pages of single spaced type takes a long time to read and even longer to absorb and put into action. Most of the time people who buy informational e-books do so for the purpose of gaining knowledge or solving a problem and they usually want to do either in the shortest period of time possible. They really don’t want to wade through irrelevent information that is there for the sole purpose of making the e-book fifty pages long. An e-book should be only twenty to forty pages long depending upon the information contained in it and sometimes e-books can be a lot shorter than twenty pages and still be effective.

The whole point of an e-book is to convey information and do it in as efficient manner as possible. As long as the product offers a solution to a problem, informs the reader or makes his life better in some way, it has done what it was designed to do.

People buy e-books for the sole purpose of gaining the information in them. Their time is valuable and you should remember that sometimes people are desperate for information or, at the very least, have a limited amount of time to read and absorb the information in them.

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