There’s a new devil running around the Home Business Arena- MUST READ

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There’s a new devil running around the Home Business Arena

This adversary has swept across 95% of the home based business industries hopefuls.

It’s a sad affair because many of these business minded dream chasers are on the right path.

You would be surprised what it is but I will tell you it’s not lack of money, resources, know how, organization, up line, systems, comp plans, tools, leads, time, training or drive.

Okay enough with the dramatization.

The thing that is literally keeping the majority of home based business owners from reaching the goals that they set for themselves is “Consistency”.

Yep “Consistency”! You wouldn’t believe how many people in this awesome industry Fail simply because they are not consistent in their income producing behaviors.

You see far too many home based business owners are used to working 9 to 5 jobs and have tried to take the 9 to 5 mindset with them to Home Business arena.

What do I mean? Its real simple in a 9 to 5 you know that if you show up and perform your duty, good or bad that in two weeks, the next week, 15th or 30th or first of the month you will receive your pay check. So having the mindset of “do now get now” already embedded in their brains it translates into their behaviors toward their business. So because this is a problematic issue around the entire industry I aim to do a little brain washing on today.

Most people in our industry know exactly what they need to do to be successful in their endeavor. Believe it or not most even make a small attempt at doing the very things to make a fortune. However because of the old “work now get now” mind set they don’t quite make it long enough to receive the harvest from the seed that they planted.

That’s the difference right there! See in a 9 to 5 you are not a seed planter but simply a professional harvester. Meaning you diligently take care of the harvest that the CEO or government has planted seeds for way before you even joined the company but because you are not accustomed to planting seeds, tilling the ground, feeding the soil, plucking and pruning the buds you never actually make it to the harvest.

If you have been observant a lot of companies are putting together 60 day and 90 day challenges.

You see the thought process behind this is knowing that hbb owners are looking for short term results they make the challenge short but the whole plan is to get you into practice of doing daily activities challenging you to endure for a short while. In the process because you are doing the activity you will have success. But you have to realize that because you have mentally committed yourself to 3 months of activity you are destined to have success. A big challenge with hbb owners has always been getting them started. So the challenge rewards getting started fast by rewarding you for activity done during those 60 to 90 days. But where people fail is when they give up on their commitment.  You see the first 30 days are designed for you to create the habit. If you make it there you are almost guaranteed to have success but you have to go hard for at least 30 days.  Put it this way if for those 30 days you are on and off well that’s the habit you have created and you will have a habit of receiving income in your hbb on and off or not at all. Ok so the next 30-60 days is about capitalizing on your new daily behavior. The key is if you continue to do the activity the numbers say that 90 days later you have had too much success to quit, you are already doing the behaviors of success and now it’s a habit and it’s all about duplication from here.

Keep in mind a few things here.

Number one as a home based business owner we get paid for one thing and one thing only volume (sales)

I don’t care what company or comp plan that you are a part of this is what you get paid for.

Number two in order to create volume you must Invite others to see your product.

Number three you must expose your product to hungry people who want what you have to offer. PERIOD

Number four you must find out where these people hang out.

Number five you must become a person who others would buy from. Think about I don’t care how hungry you might be if you walk into a restaurant and you see the cook picking his noes you will not eat there especially if there is somewhere else you can go and eat. Remember folks you are not the only game in town so act like it.

Number six become a “master” of a behavior that will drive volume (sales)

If you are going to blog do it every day. If you are going to do offline contacting do it every day. If you are going to use Facebook to build relationships do it every day. If you are going to dial leads do it every day. If you are going to drop cards do it every day. If you are going to email do it every day. DO YOU GET THE POINT? DO IT EVERYDAY!  Whether you are good at it or totally suck!

God Bless and much success.

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